2018 Award Recipient Photographs

Photos courtesy Eric Vondy, State Historic Preservation Office.

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2018 List of Award Recipients
Heritage Preservation Awards

The Arizona Preservation Foundation and the State Historic Preservation Office/Arizona State Parks invite your nominations for the annual Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Awards. Each year awards are given to individuals, businesses, organizations, and/or projects in recognition of outstanding achievements in preserving Arizona’s prehistoric and historic resources.

The mission of the Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Awards is to:

    • Promote public awareness of historic preservation in the state of Arizona;
    • Publicly recognize the varied contributions by volunteers, professionals, organizations, and agencies to promote the goals of historic preservation;
    • Identify and recognize educational, community, non-profit, and private-sector heritage projects that demonstrate excellence in design and execution.

This year, presentation of the awards will take place at an evening reception on Thursday, June 7, 2018, in conjunction with the 2018 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference at the Hotel Valley Ho, 6850 East Main Street in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While there are no specific categories, nominations can address any aspect of heritage preservation achievement including: restoration, rehabilitation, stabilization, or preservation efforts by individuals, businesses, organizations, or communities that have had a positive effect on our historic or cultural resources; contribution to increasing awareness of preservation through activities or educational programs; or outstanding achievement towards preservation of historic or archaeological resources. Successful nominations will be completed projects or undertakings that have resulted in clear, demonstrable benefit to the public or subject resource.

Selection of Honor Awards and Grand Award

A panel of judges representing the fields of archaeology, architecture, history, and preservation will review the nominations. Honor Award winners will be chosen and announced before the conference; the James W. Garrison Heritage Award winner will be chosen from among the winners and announced at the end of the ceremony.

Additional documentation may be requested from nominees of those winners, including professional biographical information, an expanded description of the project, a list of project participants, and additional photos and/or slides.

Awards in Public Archaeology
Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission


The Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission (Commission) is sponsoring its 31st annual “Awards in Public Archaeology.” The Commission is a statutory board that advises the State Historic Preservation Officer on issues of relevance to Arizona archaeology. The awards are presented to individuals, organizations, and/or programs that have significantly contributed to the protection and preservation of, and education about, Arizona’s non-renewable archaeological resources.

These awards can include the following categories of individuals or organizations that are worthy of recognition for their public service/education endeavors: 1) professional archaeologists, 2) avocational archaeologists, 3) Site Stewards, 4) Tribes, 5) private, non-profit entities, 6) government agencies, 7) private or industrial development entities, and 8) an individual for special or lifetime achievement.

The following criteria must be met in order for a nominee to qualify for a given award category:

1. Professional Archaeologist: Professional archaeologists have formal academic training and have been employed within the discipline. A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae that indicates the highest academic degree completed and lists professional positions held must be included. Nominees for this category will not be considered without a vitae. Inclusion of the number of hours that the individual has spent on public education and/or volunteer activities will aid in the evaluation of the nomination.

2. Avocational Archaeologist: Avocational archaeologists may have formal training in the discipline but are not working as a professional archaeologist. If a nominee is being recommended for contributions involving fieldwork (i.e., survey and/or excavation), then the professional archaeologist supervising that fieldwork must be indicated in the nomination materials. Any nomination that indicates archaeological fieldwork without documenting professional oversight will not be considered. Inclusion of the number of hours that the individual spent on public education and/or volunteer activities will aid in the evaluation of the nomination.

3. Site Steward: Site Stewards are members of the Arizona Site Steward Program, volunteers trained and managed by Arizona State Parks & Trails. The number of volunteer hours that a Site Steward has turned in to the Program Coordinator must be provided in the nomination. To be considered in this category, a nominee must currently be a volunteer in good standing.

4. Private, non-profit: This category is designed to recognize private, non-profit entities that preserve archaeological and/or historical properties; these entities can also provide, support, or fund volunteer efforts or public education programming that aids in the preservation of the Arizona’s heritage resources

5. Government Agency: Nominees for this category can only include public or government (municipal, county, state, federal) entities that provide or support volunteer efforts, funding, or public education programming that aids in the preservation of the Arizona’s heritage resources.

6. Tribe: Nominees for this category must be employed by, or otherwise affiliated with, an Arizona Indian Tribe and be working within the cultural resources arena. Nominees need not be tribal members.

7. Private or Industrial Development: Nominees in this category demonstrate sensitivity for heritage preservation that extends beyond legal compliance and can include developers, utilities, project proponents, etc.

8. Special or Lifetime Achievement: This category is intended to recognize particularly laudable one-time contributions to heritage preservation or exemplary contributions over the course of a career or lifetime. Nominees in this category need not be professional or avocational archaeologists.

If you know of an individual or organization that deserves special recognition for their efforts in Arizona archaeology, please complete the attached nomination form. If your nomination is accepted to receive an award, we will notify via the contact information on the form. You will then be given the privilege of notifying the recipient of their award.

The awards will be presented at an evening reception on Thursday, June 7th
in conjunction with the 2018 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference
at the Hotel Valley Ho, 6850 East Main Street, Scottsdale, Arizona.

For more information, please visit the conference website at www.AZPreservation.com

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