ABOVE AND BEYOND: One Woman’s Call to Duty and Making History

Presenters:  Melissa Ruffner

In her later years, a married woman with grown children, Edith Macia who had regarded her birthdate, September 17, U.S. Constitution Day, as a significant guide for her entire life, was recruited by the FBI to infiltrate the active Los Angeles Communist cell as a member. She attended meetings for five and a half years and missed only three meetings. In reporting the rare meeting on the West Coast, of the House of Representatives Unamerican Affairs Committee, the LA Times reporter commended Edith Robertson Macia as the “sweet-faced, white-haired lady”, “and what a background to go with her appearance! Born in rootin’ tootin’ Leadville, then spending 40-odd years in blood-spattered Tombstone, hers was the story that always fascinates me.”