Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee is an Arizona native who spent her childhood visiting relatives in cemeteries. She was always fascinated with the different stones, carvings, art work and epitaphs. It moved her deeply to know these were the stories of someone’s life, and she wanted to make sure that they were not forgotten. Her interests evolved, and as an adult she plans vacations around cemeteries. She has been all over, learning about cemeteries in New England and even internationally. She enjoys re-enacting characters in cemeteries, standing by “her” gravestone, to tell a life’s story. She is a passionate and motivated fundraiser for a non-profit organization to help preserve its grave markers. Cindy is a nurse at a Phoenix hospital. She has been the Chairperson for the Grave Marker Preservation Project since 2014, leading the writing of manuals on assessment and fieldwork preservation for the project.  She is on the Board of Directors for Pioneers’ Cemetery Association, co-chair of the Arizona Chapter of the Association for Gravestone Studies, and a member of the National Association for Gravestone Studies. She co-presented on Arizona Cemetery Preservation at the 2015 AGS national conference, and co-presented on two topics, Arizona Cemeteries, and Green Burials, at the 2016 AGS national conference. She will co-present Decoding the Secrets of Tombstones at the Scottsdale Museum of the West in January 2019.