CRM Permitting in Arizona: Navigating the Quagmire of Bureaucracy

Presenter:  Dr. Lauren Jelinek, Bureau of Reclamation

The Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission, with the assistance of the AZ SHPO, is developing an educational program for students, faculty, and professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of Cultural Resource Management in Arizona. This program encompasses multiple units that will be made available to the public at no cost via an online platform. Topics include: Federal, state, and local preservation laws and protocols; permitting; developing research designs; developing historic contexts; Class III inventory; preparing testing and monitoring plans, and conducting phased data recovery. This session provides and update of the proposed program and provides a sample instructional unit on permitting.

The mission of this program is to prepare students for a successful career in Cultural Resource Management in Arizona, to provide continuing education to professionals that want to learn more about sub-topics with which they may be unfamiliar, and to create an easily accessible data set that the public can use to answer questions about historic preservation and how it effects them. This program seeks to reach a wide audience to educate students, professionals, and the general public on the vagaries of historic preservation to ensure that cultural resources are managed at the highest possible standard.