Doing the Right Thing: The Challenges and Triumphs of Historic Preservation Commissions, Non-Profits, and Avocational Archaeologists in Preservation of the Past

Presenters:  Kathryn Turney, Yavapai County Public Works Department; Ken Zoll, Verde Valley Archaeology Center; Mayor Tim Elinski, City of Cottonwood

Let’s face it… While an integral part of preservation of the past and often through heroic efforts, Historic Preservation Commissions, non-profit support groups and owners of historic properties throughout Arizona often have challenges such as lack of funding, absence of active or participating members, public awareness of projects, opposition from local people or businesses and communication (or lack thereof) with state, county and local entities. The passionate people in cities and towns throughout Arizona share their challenges and success stories, helping to motivate and educate interested parties on overcoming obstacles, brainstorm for fundraising, grant ideas and inspire one another to not give up the fight for preserving the past.  While we encourage our HPC partners and non-profit entities to express and communicate their issues and ideas with us, sometimes they get lost in the shuffle, thus not feeling “heard”. Our volunteers and taxpayers influence historic preservation significantly. This session is way to give them voice and for them to share ideas and network with professionals in the field.