Doug Von Gausig, Mayor of Clarkdale

Clarkdale Council & Staff Photos, 11/27/07.

I was born in Safford, Arizona in 1948. When I was a teenager I spent summers with my grandparents in their home in Cottonwood, where my grandfather built and ran a Western Auto Store that was on the corner across the street from where the Tavern Grill is now. I grew to love the Verde Valley and its small-town atmosphere and values, and especially the Verde River during those summers. My deep roots in Arizona and the Verde Valley give me a valuable connection with the state and its issues.  My experience in Verde Valley business and especially in tourism have taught me a great deal about this most valuable of Arizona industries, and my love for the natural environment, especially the Verde River, have helped form my philosophy of sustainability. I was first elected Mayor in 2004 and have been honored by re-election three times since then. I currently serve as the Executive Director for the Verde River Institute, and devote a tremendous amount of time to working on water issues. I believe passionately that the future of water in the Verde Valley is the future of the Verde Valley’s people and economy, and I work virtually every day to encourage appropriate planning for a sustainable water future for the Valley. I also serve on the Arizona Game and Fish Heritage Fund Advisory Board and am proud to be a Past-President of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, where I continue to work to make Arizona’s cities and towns better places to live and do business.

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