Forest Service/Tribal Collaborative Cultural Preservation Projects

Presenters:  Nanebah Lyndon, US Forest Service; Octavius Seowtewa, Zuni Cultural Resources Advisory Committee; Vincent Randall, Yavapai-Apache Nation Cultural Preservation Program; Nanebah Nez, US Forest Service; Bernadetete Cara, Ak-Chin Indian Community; Raquel Romero, Gila River Indian Community; Sarah Souther, Northern Arizona University. 

The Tonto National Forest Tribal Monitor Program (TMP), the Emory Oak Restoration Program (EORP), and the Forest Service/Tribal Traditional Plants Project (TPP) are collaborative projects designed to facilitate the sharing of information between the Forest Service and Tribes, and to address tribal concerns. The TMP consists of tribal cultural specialists trained to survey for, identify, and record traditional cultural properties. The EORP is a partnership with Northern Arizona University to develop a treatment protocol to restore and protect stands of Emory oak based on the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Apache and Yavapai Tribes. The TPP will research traditional plants to inform land management and increase accessibility for tribes.