Jaye Smith

Jaye Smith’s interest in anthropology, especially archaeology, started at a very early age but she was not able to fully delve into the science full-time until 2012. Since then she has been very fortunate, as an avocational/RSS (“responsible and responsive stewards”), to participate in a number of preservation archaeology projects, including the Lower Gila River Ethnographic and Archaeological Project (Wright – ongoing) and the Robinson Collection Project (co-team lead – ongoing) through Archaeology Southwest; the Homolovi Research Project (Adams and Lange) and the Point of Pines Project (Lyons) at the University of Arizona/Arizona State Museum; and the Gallina Landscapes of History Project (Borck – ongoing). Jaye is also co-chair for the Society for American Archaeology’s Archaeologist-Collector Collaboration Interest Group and ACCIG e-Community Co-administrator and Co-moderator.