Peeling Back Layers of History: Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Oldest Adobe in the Salt River Valley

Presenter:  Robert Graham, Motley Design Group, LLC

The famed restaurant known as “Monti’s La Casa Vieja” contained at its core the historic Charles Trumbull Hayden house. With the oldest parts of the house dating to 1874, it is the oldest known non-indigenous building remaining in the Phoenix area. The house grew and evolved continuously, with incarnations as a hotel, a boarding house, tea rooms, and finally as a steak house. By the time Monti’s closed in 2014, the building had more than tripled in size, and the historic house was hard to recognize. This presentation outlines the fascinating development of the Hayden House as revealed by historical research and by careful removal of later additions, and looks to the future as the surrounding area is built up with modern midrise buildings.