Shaping Public Policy: Making Preservation Work in Your Community

Moderator:  Victor M. Linoff, Mesa Preservation Foundation

Panelists:  Mayor Doug Von Gausig, Town of Clarkdale; Danny Smith, Supervisor District 3, Graham County; Mayor Jen Miles, City of Kingman; Councilman Phil Goode, City of Prescott

In a lively, moderated discussion, a distinguished panel of policymakers will address effective strategies, and pitfalls, for achieving successful preservation efforts in local communities. Decision-makers are often seen as the biggest obstacle toward attaining good preservation policy. This session will help turn adversaries into allies by addressing issues from the “inside” — with policymakers who have demonstrated a commitment to historic preservation and an ability to make it work within often challenging political milieus. Developing policies that support a positive preservation ethic will assure the future of historic assets within communities.