State of the Art: Archaeological Field Data Collection in the 21st Century

Steve Swanson, Environmental Planning Group
Daniel Garcia, SWCA Environmental Consultants

Ian Milliken, Pima County
Michael Ashley, Codifi Paperless Solutions
Caitlin Stewart, HDR
Justin Rego, Logan Simpson
Andrew Vorsanger, Terracon Consultants
Chris Ferguson, North Wind Resource Consulting
Spence Gustav, US Forest Service
Shawn Fehrenbach, Paleowest
Branden Fjerstad, SWCA Environmental Consultants
Ryan Arp, Environmental Planning Group

Archaeologists collecting field data in Arizona and surrounding states employ a variety of digital solutions for spatial and attribute information. This moderated panel will discuss the “state of the art” in digital field data collection, including hardware and software platforms, costs/benefits, spatial accuracy and precision, backup strategies, security issues, and agency data format requirements.