The Magma Copper Company Smelter at Superior, Arizona

Presenters:  Scott O’Mack, Becky Caroli, Jack Taylor, and Avi Buckles, WestLand Resources, Inc.

In 2018, WestLand Resources carried out historical and architectural documentation of the abandoned Magma Copper Company smelter at Superior, Arizona. Built in 1922–1924, the smelter operated continuously until 1971. Many of the original smelter structures were subsequently removed, but in 2018 some of the largest structures, including the towering brick smokestack, were still in place. WestLand conducted archival research into the history of the smelter, field documentation of the extant structures (including drone photography), and oral-historical interviews with former smelter workers. The results have allowed an informed interpretation of the construction and use of individual smelter structures. The project has also helped Resolution preserve an important part of the history of Superior, a community with great pride in its mining heritage.