Visit the Western Heritage Center: Preserving Our History and Heritage

Hosts:  Dennis Gallagher and Robert Greninger, Prescott Western Heritage Foundation

Enjoy a visit to the Western Heritage Center without an entrance fee any time during the 2019 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference.  It is the Prescott Western Heritage Foundation’s responsibility to share as much information with visitors as possible from Yavapai County organizations, helping to preserve the area’s history and heritage. The Center has more foot traffic than any other location in Yavapai County. It offers one of the largest collaborations of western and historical organizations in Arizona. The Center’s objective is to showcase all participating organizations in Yavapai County that preserve and promote our heritage; over 25 organizations in Yavapai County have been invited. The Center will also include an interactive touchscreen system, affording visitors an opportunity to select a logo directing them to specific organizational information.

Please wear your 2019 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference badge for admission.